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Frame Width (Molding Size): 3.25"  Rabbet:  1/4"Frame Depth (Out from wall): 1.5"Weight: 5 lbs 

30x40 Brown & Black Spandral Oval Inlay Ornate Frame with a Solid Wood Finish

SKU: 017
Color: brown
  • Q: How do I order a frame?
    A: Copy and paste the URL from this website and enter into our canvas order form (



    Q: How much is the shipping for frames?
    A: Shipping is complimentary within the contiguous US. It will ship with the standard canvas you order from Guild Canvas.


    Q: Do I have to buy a canvas to get a frame?
    A: Yes, our frames are exclusively for Guild Canvas clients.


    Q: Do the frames come with hardware?
    A: Your framed canvas will arrive with hardware on it, ready to be installed on the wall.


    Q: How am I billed for the frame?
    A: We will bill your credit card on file when the order is placed (same invoice as the canvas)


    Q: What is the condition of the frames in this private collection?
    A: The frames range from mint condition to like-new condition. Small dings and normal wear will not be noted in the listing. There may be a small mark or small scuff as they are older frames. Any chips, dents, significant scuffs or damage are noted in the listing. (We will not list any frame that we ourselves would not feel confident using in our portrait gallery.)


    Q: Will you be adding other frames or is this the final set?
    A: We have started with 100 in the private collection ( but we will be adding many more. We have thousands of frames in our archive waiting to be listed.


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